HYDRAULIC WEIGHT MACHINES                                       

What are hydraulic weight resistance machines?

Once inside, members will find a wide variety of exercise equipment to help them to reach their own "ideal body".  There are 8 user-friendly hydraulic resistance weight machines, similar to those used at popular circuit centers such as Curves. These machines are created to help build and tone muscle throughout the entire range of motion while working separate muscle groups.

Even though the machines are not set up in a circuit pattern they can be used this way. Why would you want to do circuit training? 

Circuit training is based on the concept that each exercise helps work different muscles in different ways. Instead of concentrating on just a few muscles, circuit-training promotes all-round fitness. It usually entails a minimum of ten strength exercises that are completed one after the other. Each exercise requires a minimum of 30 seconds to maximize a full body workout. Then the person proceeds to the next station, to a new exercise, to work on a different set of muscles. This routine continues until the users exercised on all machines and should take 30 minutes. 

Hydraulic Weights VS. Stacked and Free Weights                                                     

Unlike free weights, or adjustable stacking weight machines, the resistance created by the hydraulic weight fitness machines is based on the force exerted by the user.  Hydraulic exercise are often prescribed to patients with injuries because they are less likely to lead to sore, strained, or torn muscles.  Hydraulic machines are considered safe and beneficial for people of any age or ability.   The hydraulic cylinders cause the user to have smooth, fluid motions while exercising. 

The resistance machines have the same results as stacked weights without the risk of injury. Free weight lifting requires a spotter and often leads to injury due to over exertion or improper form.  When the hydraulic machines are adjusted to the higher levels, users will have the same workout as they would with stacked or free weights but never apply more weight than what can be handled.  


Cardio Equipment                                                                                                    

Agile Trainer is a new machine that is more than the typical elliptical machine.  In addition to being able to adjust the intensity, you can also adjust the range of motion.  This allows you to go from the typical elliptical motion to a stair climber motion, while still having little impact on your knees.

Elliptical Machines are a low-impact combination of climber & treadmill

 Recumbent Bikes are stationary bicycles that have more back support and comfortable low, reclined seats. 

Treadmills can be used to walk at a slow relaxing speed to keep joints and body healthy or run at a much faster speed for a full weight-loss cardio routine.

  Body Solid Free Weights  




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